Swot Analysis Of Shampoo

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There are several opportunities for Pantene to increase their sales. First, increased consumer’s interest towards hair care. Pantene Pro-V launched by P&G was less chemical-based shampoo which contain a botanical or herbal with multivitamin. This brand was health positioning which with a slogan “For Hair So Healthy It Shines”. It makes consumer easily to recognize Pantene as a high quality hair care product compared with other brand. Price trends indicate that consumers are more concerned quality rather than quantity. Thus, Pantene as a high quality shampoo can take advantage when consumers unabashed by high price tags and lead the product category to bloom. According to Mintel’s survey, 33% of women with colored hair. Pantene Pro-V 's Expressions launched in 2005 which keep color from fading. Thus, it provided the opportunity for the company to increase the sales.

Second, P&G increased the spending in advertising of Pantene. Pantene select to use emotional advertising which arouses people emotion in order to get customer attention, to touch them more deeply and persuade them more effectively. For instance, “the deaf violin player” which was an inspiring Thailand commercial created by Pantene. This will create customer’s awareness regarding the shampoo offered, then develop loyalty of consumers. Through report, most of the customers buy a product through emotional than rational. The reason Pantene use emotional advertising was the brand is already well know.

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