Swot Analysis Of Shampoo

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Sunsilk Brand Portfolio
Since Sunsilk shampoo launched in 1954 in the UK, Sunsilk has fast become a leading international brand of shampoo Unilever. Sunsilk shampoo is available in 18 countries in terms of personal care products category. Sunsilk as a competitor to the market, they are increasingly gaining market share and the current market situation, they captured 34% of the total market share. By 2006, Sunsilk introduces a new and improved look of the entire range. The new variant, the long and intense it can be met with very good response from the customers and achieve unexpected success.

A. Market demographics
The brand profile for the Sunsilk customer consists of the following such as demographic, lifestyle and behavior.

a) Demographics
Sunsilk target market is women between the age group of 16-40 belonging to the middle and lower income classes who are single or married. In general, Sunsilk target market based on consumer purchase behavior, level of income and purchasing power of people.

b) Lifestyle
Sunsilk target market is consumers due to their low market price and ordinary affordable for them. In addition, the profile of the target market is working women who have to take care of their appearance, especially white-collar workers.

c) Behavior
Sunsilk target market is women who expect users to have a shiny and healthy hair. In addition, the target market is women who understand their situation and find a solution to treat their hair. The target market also

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