Swot Analysis Of Shangri-La

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Due to Shangri-la’s five-star hotel status, its luxury service is very expensive to common consumers; so it should belong to specialty products classification. However, many successful businessmen or rich travelers who enjoy Shangri-la hotel service may go to this hotel frequently. For them, Shangri-la’s service should be in the shopping products classification. Shangri-la’s hotels, resorts and spa service all belong to consumer product. Product can be divided into three levels, which are core product, actual product and augmented product.
1. Core product
Applying to Shangri-la’s customers, the core product is the services of hotel & resort, which can provides luxury enjoyment for their trips. 2. Actual product
For Shangri-la, the Shangri-la brand name, crew uniform styling, booking system, and features such as wake-up service, ‘chi’ spa, food and beverage service and their 5-star rating quality levels. 3. Augmented product
Shangri-la offers more than a room for its customer, even a product that customers value before and after living in the hotel room. For example, some consumers may expect to get the Shangri-la membership, priority hotel check-in, airport shuttle, or receiving bonus points from living to join the Shangri-la’s frequent-user scheme. To Shangri-la’s consumer, these augmentations may become a key part of the total product. So, Shangri-la must satisfy these customers’ wants to create a competitive advantage. The services and facilities

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