Swot Analysis Of Shezan

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1 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 1.1 Shezan: Brand Profile Shezan - with the word “Shezan” spoken anywhere in Pakistan, the first thing that comes into minds of people is a regular size 250 ml bottle easily available at every nook and corner of the city, filled with a rich yellow colored mango juice. In Pakistan, multiple generations grew old for whom Shezan was their first choice as low priced and good quality mango juice. Despite the fact that bottled mango juice gradually declined in popularity and market share over time, it had such a strong brand image prevailing in the minds of relatively older generation that it was lasting enough to penetrate in the younger generations. Especially in 1980s and 1990s, although juice was not the only product which Shezan was producing, yet the brand name “Shezan” was majorly known for this bottled mango juice, and to some extent by its jams. Priced at nominal rate comparable with carbonated drinks which at that time were not commonly considered healthy in view of traditional Pakistani lifestyle, Shezan was easily available with good quality and taste. Refreshing juice with ease of availability and affordability in a country with longer and intense summer weather had also drawn some competitors, but those could not match the strength of Shezan in mango juice category for quite long time at that time when major multinationals have also not stepped in this battle in the juice market. Shezan diversified in the food industry by focusing in parallel

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