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Introduction Shipping is one of the essential and fundamental means for transporting any merchandise worldwide. Transport of goods in the shipping industry is segment into three sections – bulk carriers, containers and specialized cargo. The shipping industry is an important key element in the economic growth chain and globalization process, bringing countries closer together. A sustainable and viable shipping industry will improve and enhance the imports and exports in the country. Wilh. WIlhelmsen In 1861 Mr. Mortin Wilhelm Wilhelmsen has established Wilh. Wilhelmsen. With over 150 years of history this company has managed to address the changes and demand the shipping industry was required to make and expound from an old-style shipping…show more content…
The attractiveness is the overall profitability of the industry whilst unattractiveness drives down profitability. Thus using this model, it implies that profitability or the return is a constant integer, across firms and industries; however various studies established that different industries have different levels of profitability due to their diverse structure and circumstances they operate in. The model can also be utilized to develop an edge over competitors and rudimentarily for identifying a niche whether it is potentially feasible to manufacture new products, services or open new…show more content…
All customers are able to exert pressure to push down prices, or increase the required quality for the same price, therefore reduce revenues in the industry. Ship Service business is based on two main core factors price and quality of service. Price refers to services that can be performed on request such as crew medical assistance, cash to master, vessel boarding etc. Another factor service refers to processing of documents, bill of lading etc. It is rather difficult for customers to get better quality of service than getting competitive rates. Nowadays technology can play a major role and only few companies are trying to change and introduce new updated software in their day-to-day business such as e-processing of shipping documents and data entry. WSS is so technologically advanced in this field, that all its data processing is being done electronically and customers are able to access all information relevant to shipment through dedicated space available on company

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