Swot Analysis Of Shoe King

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Shoe king is a footwear shop which has been operating in the footwear industry for the past 7 years. It is a family run foot wear shop. This shop was established in the year 2009 and is operating since then. Shoe king is located in second cross street Colombo 1.

Shoe king has only eight employees. Those three employees are the owner and his family members. The target segment of shoe king is the general public within second Cross Street. There is having lots of footwear shops in particular area so it’s very difficult to sale the products. Shoe king is an organization which is cost focused. Therefore, the only motive of shoe king is to reduce the cost and to increase the profit of the organization.

If we see Shoe king’s main weakness is Lack of online buying facilities and its biggest strength is its structure and layout. Book keeping and financial records of shoe king are maintained. The administration of the organization is done by the owner and his family members. Major functions of human resource management are not performed since outsiders are not employed within the organization. Shoe king has invested family funds and personal money as capital for the business. Loans from banks and other financial institutes are also obtained and invested in the business. The prices are reasonable in shoe king and the business hours are very convenient.

SWOT analysis of Shoe king Strengths

• Location
• Loyal customer
• Quality supplier
• Quality product


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