Silueta Marketing Strategy

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1. Introduction

1.1 Company and Business Overview
Established in 2004 at Biyagama Export Processing Zone, Silueta (Pvt) Ltd is a $30 million bra cup manufacturing business. Consolidated in 2004 as a backward vertically integrated solution for MAS Holdings bra manufacturing, Silueta now produces bra pads for all leading Bra manufacturers in the world.
Silueta employs a workforce of 3000 employees and manufacture approximately 32 million pairs of bra pads annually. It is the largest bra pad supplier to Victoria Secret Pink and also the second largest supplier to Victoria Secrets. Silueta is also one of the five preferred suppliers to Marks and Spencer.

1.2 Vision
“To be the preferred supplier to our chosen brands in lingerie and sportswear
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They have 487 outlets in 45 countries and specifically carters to the target segment of after college women.
• Triumph: - Triumph international is a German undergarment manufacturer that operates in 120 countries with over 2000 outlets. It is one of the leading underwear producers in the world and Bodyline Sri Lanka also is a joint Venture of Triumph.
• VSD: - Victoria Secret Direct is the swim and catalogue sales division of the Victoria’s Secrets. This focuses on swimwear.
1.7 Revenue Breakdown

Figure 2: Revenue breakdown

The chart above depicts the revenue breakdown of Silueta.
By the start of 2016, VS and Pink make up for 68% of the revenue generated by Silueta. They are the two largest and most important customers. These customers bought highly specialized and customized bra pads at a higher price range compared to a normal bra pad. Pink has been a steady growing brand that shows the highest potential to grow in the underwear market.
M&S also buys highly customized bra cups but they only acquire 10% and only contribute to 12% of the revenue.
Other customers make up for the rest of the revenue.

1.8 Company

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