Swot Analysis Of Singapore Airlines

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During 1947, Singapore Airlines was found with Malaysian Airlines was known as Malayan, it was a joint venture between Malaysia and Singapore government, which place their service mainly in the South East Asia region. Singapore Airlines is considered one of the world 's best airlines travelling up to 93 destinations and 38 countries.
After Singapore Separated from Malaysia in 1965 and both governments coincide to set up different airlines. Thus, Singapore Airlines was born in 1972. And In 1991, Singapore Airline is one of big successful airline companies, in terms of revenue, profit and reputation.
Different from most other airlines, Singapore Airlines was at a disadvantage position as compared to them. What causes this is because it is due to that Singapore Airline is not given the choice of domestic routes to serve, as Singapore itself it too small, so Singapore Airlines is force to compete with international airlines for routes the moment it starts its business. The things to compete for are like getting access to terminals, securing flights slots and landing rights, and also trying to draw in a new customer base. Not like most state-owned entities, Singapore Airlines was force into to massive competition from the start of its business. Using this as motivational factor, it led and brings Singapore Airlines competitive spirit to an incomparable level and also the dedication to make a good branding of Singapore Airline be better than every service
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