Swot Analysis Of Singtel

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1.INTRODUCTION 1.1. Who are they Singtel is Asia’s ruling communication group. They provide a wide scope of services such as fixed, mobile, date, internet, TV and info communication technology. Their main headquarter is located in Singapore and they mainly operate in Singapore and Australia (SingTel, 2014). Not only being listed as the largest company in Singapore by market capitalization, they are also listed on the Australian Securities Exchange following their acquisition of Optus in August 2001 (SingTel, 2014). 1.2. What they do SingTel gives an extensive variety of administrations, for example, versatile administrations, web administrations, information integration administrations and Pay-TV administrations. As it were to guarantee that we are equipped with great amusement and making our way of life simpler to adjust utilizing their administrations. 2. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 2.1 Macro Environment – PEST Political and Legal Situation The countries, SingTel manages in have encountered or are still encountering political instability. The continuation of such political issues could lead to affect on economic or social conditions in those countries and not forgetting on the ownership, control and state of SingTel’s assets (SingTel 2012 Annual Report). SingTel is geologically expanded with income from Singapore, Australia and the developing markets. We work nearly with the administration and our accomplices in the nations where the Group works to influence the neighborhood

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