Swot Analysis Of Smartphone

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1.0 Executive Summary Apple is selling smartphones called iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, other products and electronic services for consumers all over Malaysia. The company objectives is to achieve steady growth in revenue in the second year after iPhone M launched in Malaysia. Sales and investment will be targeted in two years’ time and also reducing 75% loan with bank in 4 years’ time. The final objectives is to penetrate the Malaysian market towards buying and using iPhone M.

Other than that, the company mission is to make sure iPhone M can fulfill their customers’ needs and become the largest smartphones company in Malaysia. The company target market will be teenagers, businessman/woman and young working adults. The company is estimating RM 37.7 million to start this business. Other than that, the company also hope that iPhone M can attract more middle income earners to buy this product and bring a new hype to the smartphone industry. The company will make sure that every problem regarding the smartphones will be solved and try to discover new methods to enhance iPhone M further based on customers wants.

2.0 Industry Analysis
2.1 Industry Size, Growth Rate and Sales Projections The industry size of Apple in Malaysia is booming and gaining more market share compare to their major competitor, Samsung as Apple offer more value to their customers. Although, Samsung still the number one brand in Malaysia but Apple has succeeded in
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