Swot Analysis Of Spice Girls

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Brand position Spice girl products main aim is to produce and manufacture exceptional and natural products for your entire family and also to provide healthy additional to artificial and other synthetic products. Their goal is to provide customers with unique quality, best customer service, and competitive pricing among its target audience. Their main target customers are for healthy people because their products enhance the health benefits. Spicy girl products are of high quality in production, and they take all measures possible to produce high quality products to meet its target customers. The Spicy brand produces an incredible impression that will attract their target audience to participate more with the company on a more individual and expressive level, so that potential and new customers can enjoy their vegetable pickles, natural vanilla extract and chocolate tea balls which is of great taste. Spicy girl normally make their target audience aware of the different products and services they offer to their customers. They will do this by using the different types of positioning strategies to let customers become aware of the brand. Spice girl products provide all natural herbs and spices to satisfy your taste buds, and they produce and supply all natural spice products of Jamaica. No artificial preservatives are added to their products, these products are specially formulated to enhance the health benefits to be derived. They create an image for the different types

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