Swot Analysis Of Star Cruises

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Strengths Based on the SWOT analysis table, the strength for star cruises is higher market share in the cruise line. For the market share, this is more benefit for the people who got the share of star cruises. As you can see, while they involve in the meeting or conference, the person who got the higher market share have the number of priority to vote and make decision for it. This shows that the higher market share they have, the more powerful decision they can make. The leading cruise line companies worldwide shows that star cruises generated approximately 0.71 US dollar in 2014. In 2015, the total worldwide cruise industry is estimated at 39.6 billion with 22.2 million annualized passengers carried. The 2015 worldwide market…show more content…
When people think of a vacation, they normally will think of take an airplane to travel to the destination that they wanted. They should try something different in their life or else they would never know that cruise vacation is much more fun compare with a tour. In cruise, there are plenty of interesting activities and entertainment to do and at the same time they also get to travel to the destination that they choose. Not only that, the experience that they gain will help star cruises get a free promoting as well. Nowadays, technology is widely used and much more convenient for the people. If the customer really enjoy and relax in a cruise vacation, they will spread out the news through social media like facebook, instagram, twitter and etc. It is an opportunity for star cruises because it will enhance the number of people travelling with star cruises. They can get more customers without promoting and also earn profit from…show more content…
The last point for strength is good relationship with travel agency as in star cruises offers different type of packages for people to purchase. They do corporate with a lot of travel agency because tour operator can help them to promote their package and at the same time the travel agency also get an opportunity to earn commission from them. It is just a term of business in the industry because both of the company got the “win win situation”. Star cruises is a cruise line in the Asia-Pacific region, has been recognized as the best travel agency in India. "Star cruises has recorded empowering development in India in recent year, with the quantity of Indian travelers expanding 44.5% from 2008 to 2012. This achievement can be ascribed to star cruises ' profound comprehension of Indian explorers ' vacation and MICE inclinations. Above all is the achievement in India is likewise made conceivable by the hearty system of travel office accomplices through which star cruises ' fly-journey and voyage bundles are elevated to the Indian business sector," said William Ng, Star Cruises Chief Operating Officer.

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