Swot Analysis Of Starbucks Vision

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Starbucks’ vision is “to establish Starbucks as the most recognized and respected brand in the world.” Starbucks aim is to be a cherished meeting place for all the customers’quick service food needs.They want to open coffee shops in every neighborhood globally. Through this,they can achieve their mission which is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit-one person,one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”Beside vision, there’s focus. In the past,Starbucks was originally a leading business in the market and when they were in the peak of their business,they made a great mistake that made them to lose focus on what they do best.They made great losses drastically after their focus was no more into making a great cup of coffee but instead into entertainment…show more content…
They make amazing coffees from the finest quality of Arabica beans thus they are able to maintain their focus.The closed down all their entertainment studios and began focusing solely on coffee.Then is opportunity.Without opportunities,Starbucks wouldn’t have been able to expand it’s business globally.Originally,Starbucks coffee shops are only used for short hours but now there are also stores that are open for 24 hours but most stores are open atleast until 10pm.This gives Starbucks an opportunity to sell their food and beverages for a longer time thus can use their materials efficiently to gain higher profit.Besides that,Starbucks took the opportunity to expand their business into Asian countries as Asians love coffees and teas and then into Europe countries.Starbucks also open their stores in busy places such as malls,near colleges and…show more content…
In Malaysia,all Starbucks stores would be air conditioned thus it is a favourite place that protects us from the scorching sun and also with wifi,one can do their work while relaxing.Then Starbucks started leveraging their brand by opening stores in places where people will visit everyday such as hospitals,office building,supermarkets and etc.Those under stressful

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