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Today I will be presenting you with an overview of the marketing of the famous brands franchise steers.
Steers was founded in 1970 and ever since has been well known in South Africa for their flame grilled pure beef burgers and handmade chips. Over the past years Steers has undergone product development as well as to date holds 522 stores in total. In Steers life cycle formidable success and proudly hold the title as being considered the “First Fast- Food Burger Concept” with in South Africa, as well as Steers has been awarded many awards for having the best burger for 17 consecutive years and best hand cut chips for 14 consecutive years. In Steers life span they have implements market development into places such as Mauritius, Zambia, Nigeria
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After speaking to the marketing manager of steers based in Durban, it has been discovered that steers market to young males (as seen in quite a few of steers television adverts), but advertising to males based on their behaviour. For example when a guy is with his friends he will go for rib burger with cheesy chips or a king steer burger. Opposed to when he is on a date with a girl, he will reconsider his options but as well the fact that his date will have options to choose from and that he can have a meal that is can keep him looking like a gentleman but also so he has a delicious meal. Then when he is in a rush, maybe a university scholar needs an on the go meal like a rave burger and chips. And from there further research can be conducted over who the consumer is, are they part of the target market and if not how to make them part. Are they looking for a competitive brand or just any food to satisfy them? But the main objective is to get new customers to recognise the brand (brand recognition) and already existing brand to brand insistence and finally preference over steer’s competitors.
Firstly product.
The product Steers offers is convenience goods, it is easy to purchase and quick service. Steers uses product penetration as their main mean of advertising to consumers, to try and put forth their culture but as well as original is always best and to draw in more of a consumer base.
Product development of course is a vital
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This act protects the consumer against unscrupulous marketers as well as unfair dealings. Steers runs many check-ups on quality control within each of their 525 franchises to ensure they abide by all health and safety regulations as well as by the regulations of ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) who operates as a non-profit organisation as well as ASASA (Advertising standards of South Africa). Trained and legal advisors come to Steers to conduct regulatory check-ups on the business and to ensure that all is functioning properly and no laws are being trespassed on. Employees receive training from the Franchise of Famous Brands to learn about what the CPA is and how they can implement the law within daily every day practises, and why the law is so important. Other methods of ensuring fair trade and that products are at a level of quality is the mystery shopper and

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