Swot Analysis Of Stryker Corporation

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Introduction Homer Stryker, an orthopedic surgeon, founded Stryker Corporation after World War II. Stryker Corporation was established to create new medical tools and improved medical procedures for patients to help them heal faster and more efficiently. In order to sustain their twenty percent rate of return, and to generate continuous growth and innovation, Stryker relies heavily on acquisitions. One of Stryker’s more notable and largest acquisitions was Howmedica worth $1.65 billion. Large acquisitions can be risky, so we will access Stryker Corporations industry factors and explain why their detailed capital expenditure process works. S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths • Stryker’s growth has been continuous over many years. • Market trends…show more content…
• The new CER revisions have put restrictions on employee’s creative and innovative abilities, which could hinder productivity. • Although the growth of the company is a strength, it can also be a weakness by the fact that as a company becomes larger and larger, sustainability can become harder to achieve. Opportunities • The acquisitions in themselves are massive opportunities for Stryker for creating new customers and products. • Expansion into other regions of the world could significantly increase their growth. • Innovation and new technologies can also add more value to the company. Threats • Government regulations on medical procedures and products can hinder Stryker’s opportunity for growth. • Competition can produce similar products. • Trends in the market such as the baby boomers can decrease as that demographic decreases as the elderly passes away. Porters Five Forces…show more content…
Stryker likely gets their raw materials from multiple suppliers and if they are dominate enough, the suppliers can reduce the marginal earnings of the company. Stryker can reduce this risk by experimenting with new product design, having an efficient chain of suppliers, and seeking out suppliers whose business depends more on Stryker than vice versa. Buyer Power Buyers can put pressure on Stryker because they search for the best quality materials, yet they want to pay the least amount they can for it. This causes difficulty in sustaining profitability over a long period of time. Luckily, Stryker can reduce the bargaining power of buyers by creating a large customer base. Stryker can also combat this through the innovation of new products and services, and in turn this will deter customers from going to Stryker’s competitors. Threats of New Entrants As new entries emerge into the Medical Devices and Equipment industry, it brings new innovations and pricing strategies. Stryker can try and counteract new entrants by being innovative themselves, lowing their fixed cost per product, continuing to pour money into research and
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