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After research it was revealed that the food industry had a lot of gaps which ITC could settle into.

After the successful positioning of “Kitchens of India” ready-to-eat Indian gourmet dishes in 2001, Mint-O and Candyman in the confectionery segment and Aashirvaad in the staples segment in 2002, ITC ventured into the biscuits market in 2003 with “Sunfeast” where Britannia and Parle dominated the market. Establishing a strong foothold in the market was the biggest challenge in front of ITC posed by the existing competition. Through innovative STP strategies, Sunfeast managed to grab attention of the market. Through constant innovation and expansion in its products range, Sunfeast has now emerged as a key player in the market. After the success of Sunfeast, ITC diversified its food segment by coming up with ‘Bingo’ in 2007. In just 12 years, the Foods business has grown to a significant size with over 200 differentiated products under six distinctive brands, with an enviable distribution reach, a rapidly growing market share and a solid market standing.
STP Analysis:
ITC divided its market into the following segments:
• Age- Demographic
• Income- Demographic
• Density- Geographic
Age (Demographic) Income (Demographic) Density (Geographical)
• Children
• Adults • Low income group
• Middle income group
• Upper middle income group • Rural
• Urban
• Metro cities

Sunfeast and Bingo have the following products in their product portfolio:

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