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MARKETING PLAN UNILEVER SUNSILK PERFECT STRAIGHT SHAMPOO LAUNCH 1.0 Executive Summary Unilever Malaysia is one of the leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and products are sold in the country and used by more than 20 million consumers every day. With its latest innovation on Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo offering “Beauty and Straight”, Unilever believes and plans to build a strong market position in town via its marketing activities. Sunsilk on its continues path of improving quality perception via product performance introduces disruptive & expert shape technology. As such, Unilever introduce new variant Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo that offering the world’s first conditioning system that actively controls how your…show more content…
Of this, RM 390 million is derived from retail sales and the rest from salons and other outlets. 4.3 New product launch unique selling point Sunsilk Perfect Straight Hair Shampoo will be launched in Malaysia. Under the brand name of Unilever Malaysia. The main aim would be to make Sunsilk largest selling shampoo brand in the market, offering the 7th variant most important hair health benefits: strengthens weak hair, prevents hair breakage, softens rough dry hair, shine for thick and healthy hair, and contains antidandruff ingredient. We have to decide a product launch for these shampoos so following measures have to be taken. 4.4 New ideas and a latest concept The world’s first conditioning system that actively controls how your hair dries giving superior straight alignment, right from the shower. The five most important hair needs : straight and healthy hair, strengthens weak hair, long lasting fragrance, oftens rough dry hair and shine for thick and strong hair. The packaging of the product should be in such a way that it should be very eye catching and attractive Plus here indicates that it contains “lock it” and expert shape…show more content…
In addition to that price setting is influenced by many factors and there are different types of pricing methods. For Sunsilk Shampoo, Unilever decided to maintained its price parity with market 100% index which offering an affordable pricing. Value based pricing is a pricing strategy which means pricing of the product is based on the values it create. Affordable pricing strategy (Penetration Strategy) In the RM 3.90 core shampoo market, Unilever is a clear leader hogging 39% of the market share with Sunsilk contributing 23%. Unilever enjoys a price advantage over its competitors. With affordable prices Unilever believes that “it can neutralize significant part of cost of this initiative overtime while fortifying our market position”. The average female income group can be easily targeted by the product as the cost of the product is affordable. 9.3 Place In this era of modern technology, internet shopping, credit card use influence the marketing strategies for a product. As place refers to convenience which means consumers can easily find the products with the minimum effort at his/her end. Distribution will maintained via direct to Modern trade and indirect distribution to traditional trade by Unilever appointed distributor. Moreover, internet shopping is getting popular day by day; STL can position their shampoo in the online market. An own online retail platform can ensure the additional

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