Swot Analysis Of Surf Excel

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Executive summary
The report consists of complete market analysis of Surf Excel, a product by HUL. It covers the various positive and negative strategies of Surf Excel right from the beginning and also addressed the future scope of the product in an era of rising competition and constant innovation.
Introduction to company and product:
India’s largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company, HUL is owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Unilever. Headquartered in Mumbai, it has 35 brands covering 20 different categories in market. HUL launched Surf Excel in 1959 as India’s first detergent powder positioned on the clean proposition of “washes whitest”. With time and change in the life style of people, Surf Excel changed its positioning strategies accordingly.
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A new version “matic” was launched in 2002 which had two versions, different for top and front loads both possessing different technologies. Surf Excel also has a bar and the latest entry is comfort which is a fabric conditioner.
SWOT Analysis
• Positioning: The product has been positioned as a premium product. It has been marketed in a way that it is considered as the best in category. Also the higher price adds to the exclusive image of the product.
Marketing: Surf Excel has a very strong marketing presence. With a very high brand visibility Surf Excel has made a strong position in the consideration set of customers. In fact it is one of those products which remain on top of mind for middle class and upper middle class.
• Technology: The reason for Surf Excel’s strong presence is not just the marketing strategy but also the superior technology. It is said to reduce the water consumption and also takes comparably lower time for rinsing.
• Distribution Network: HUL has a very strong distribution network which benefits the
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• Present and new competitors: there are a lot of existing products which give a cut throat competition to Surf Excel which is basically because the offer their products at a lower price than surf excel. Its biggest competitors include Tide and Nirma.
• Low profit margin: detergent sectors have a low profit margin which can be a disadvantage for the product in case the volume sales decrease.
PEST Analysis
• Environmental law: Surf excel is phosphate based. Running of phosphate into water bodies is one of the biggest environmental concerns as it leads to human and animal diseases. There has been much discussion about the same and if the government decides to form a compulsory legislation to check the use of phosphate then it would be a major setback for surf excel hence they should be ready with some alternative formula.
• Recession : surf excel being on high end, recession will hit it the most because people would want to cut down on their day to day expenses and hence would prefer lower priced alternatives.
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