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Sweet Spot
Sweets shop

III. Products
The Sweet Spot will provide a middle class service of a variety of desserts or sweet side dishes and a few healthy beverages. These dishes range from healthy and sweet cupcakes, fruit flavored cupcakes, brownies, cookies, butterscotch, fruit salad, as well as beverages like smoothies, milk shakes, and coffee. Our enterprise will include design customization eco-friendly packaging, adequate product promotions, and information on the latest sweets specialty trends.

Product Description
The Sweet Spot will bring a variety of dessert dishes and beverages. We will ensure customer convenience and satisfaction through promoting healthy ingredients on our sweet foods. That’s why we have come up with reasonable
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For our enterprise’s offering case, we might consider offering Filipino and American fast food products. We have brainstormed of coming up with a new entitlement to acquaint our future products with, The Kitchen spot. A different market segment in food classification results to a different company achievement that we must maintain. Approximately within the first 2 years of The Sweet Spot, we are able to handle offering these new market products. Opening up a foodie retail store and franchising our shop can also be…show more content…
Market Analysis Summary The market segmentation the manufacturers entered is a sweets shop that offers snacks/desserts. Studies show that snacks are a source of nutrients among Filipinos by roughly around 74%. Which make snacks highly important to have healthy compositions. Filipinos consume greater sweet foods than some can imagine, and statistics show that there’s an increase of healthy food consumption among our countrymen. These factors enable us more to strive for loyal customer settings by mixing healthy and sweets. Thereby, offering good quality cupcakes, cookies, and even milkshakes.
Market Segmentation The Sweet Spot has manufacturers that are readily focusing on certain marketing activities to reach lower-middle to middle class people who have sufficient amount of income. The age may vary from 20-45 yrs. old. The Sweet Spot is also focusing more on students in the vicinity (e.g. Ste. Anne de Beaupre students) to establish a friendly atmosphere amongst individuals who are contributing greatly on snacks rate of consumption.
The graph below outlines the total market potential of dessert purchasers: Target Market Segment

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