Swot Analysis Of TOWS Matric

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TOWS matric is an analysis and strategic planning tool which was derived from the SWOT and developed the actions that could be taken into groups of the four elements. The TOWS matrix cross-reference the four attributes, Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that a company, business, product or an individual could be facing and help in the generation of actions and tactics that will make the most of it and clearly amplify the objective set by the management team and clear all obstacles from it.
TOWS matrix was first Developed by the professor Heinz Weihrich (Emeritus, Retired), a professor of international business management and behavioral science in the university of San Francisco (USF)

“It is proposed as a conceptual framework
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We can say that the SWOT analysis is for audit and analysis, it is considered just as the beginning if the process, while then the TOWS takes over the job and continues with the process and decide upon ways forward. Since there is this huge trade-off between the internal factors, the strengths and the weaknesses and the external factors, the opportunities and the threats in the business environment. The SWOT analysis from its name emphasis and the internal factors, it starts with the SW letters that stands for the strengths and the weaknesses of an organization, while the TOWS emphasizes on the external factors, the name of the tool starts with the TO letters that stands for threats and…show more content…
For instance, a threat matched with a weakness could cause a lot of damage to our business if we do not pay attention to the linkages between the aspects of these categories, while an opportunity matched with a Strength of the company will be a huge leverage that will help us further our strategy plans and realize them based on this powerful match. Whereas, the TOWS analysis look for the match between these internal and external factors elements to help identify relevant strategic options that an organization could pursue. It will help a business to see how it can exploit any opportunities, counter threats, reduce and overcome weaknesses and take advantage of any strengths.
Michael Watkins is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at IMD said about the TOWS and the SWOT analysis approach that: “The order of word in acronym SWOT implies wrong order of doing process of serious strategic analysis. Starting from analysis of Strengths is wrong, because managers should first identify all threats from environment in order to do following steps of planning and preparation to protect against these threats.” (ceopedia .org, TOWS
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