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Tata Global Beverages Ltd focuses on creating magical beverage moments for its customers. The company sources high quality tea and coffee from across the world and water from pure and sustainable sources for its customers. TGBL seeks to delight customers by delivering ‘good-for-you’ products and experiences that create a strong connect and drive brand loyalty.

The company's value statement says it all: "We believe that our customers define the success of our organisation. They should be top-of-mind in everything that we do." This belief guides Tata Tea's business at every step, beginning with sourcing the finest teas from its plantations, customising blends based on local customer
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It dictates that the customer is the only person qualified to specify what quality means. Customers want three things from the company they patronise: a great product, good value for the price and good service. It is because Tata Tea constantly tries to properly balance these three core competencies that it has remained the market leader.

The company has continually sought to drive innovation by taking advantage of the prevalent health and wellness trend. In line with this objective, the company has introduced several innovative products like Ayurveda Balanced Tea range, Teaveda, Tetley Super Green Tea. These products were launched keeping in mind the present generation of health-conscious customers.
Eight O’ Clock Coffee and Tata Starbucks were introduced targeting the trendy younger population and working professionals who prefer having coffee on the go. TGBL recognizes that innovation and customization is important for the current generation. The company believes in delivering quality drinks customized and blended as per local customer preferences.
Tata Coffee Grand is targeted at the young and young at heart, who are always curious about the latest in the food and beverages
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(TTEI is a subsidiary supplying cold water soluble Instant Tea powders and Instant Green Tea. TTEI facility also facilitates the production of customer specific value-added products for the Iced Tea Beverage Industry in North America.
1. Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd.
Amalgamated Plantations Company Private Limited (APPL) is a tea plantation company located in Assam, India, in which TGB has a stake. It is also India’s second largest tea producer with operations spread across 24 tea estates in Assam and North Bengal, employing approximately 30,000 people. The company currently has one fully organic garden — the Hathikuli tea estate located within the Kaziranga National Park in Assam.
2. Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Co. Pvt. Ltd.
The Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (KDHP) is the largest tea plantation company in South India. This Munnar-based plantation has achieved Rainforest Alliance Certification for all of its 7 estates and 16 factories, making it one of the largest tea plantation companies in the world to receive the prized recognition in a single shot. The company was also ranked No 1 in the category for Best Company for employee involvement and participation in 2015. KDHP is the first ever employee owned plantation company in India and nearly all its employees are
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