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4.1 STRENGTH TESCO • Own brand value • Competitive pricing strategy • Customer loyalty/relationship • Acquisition of macro • Strong hypermarket format AEON • Wealth of experience • Professional staff • Managing and operating • Save time Strength is one of the main elements from SWOT analysis. Its applicable for every firm to evaluate their efficiency and competitiveness. Usually, top manager or CEO of a firm will build this strength to make that particular firm being more profitable and competitive. In the case of TESCO and AEON also the same and both firm have their own strength to stand up. TESCO and AEON have a unique style of strength. The different between this two big retailer firms in term…show more content…
Based on this two weakness, the most dangerous and have to overcome soon is TESCO’s weakness because it is not independence and it dependence on UK business. The impact of this weakness is extraordinary. By overcome this weakness, TESCO will able to be solid firm in market and will be more competitive. Moreover, AEON weakness also have to overcome soon by a proper research of strategy to build good relationship between customers and location that more suitable and…show more content…
The threat for TESCO and AEON is able to overcome by their strength. So that, the impact from threat able to face and solve it smoothly by this two firms. 5.0 CONCLUSION Based on the SWOT analysis, there a lot of information have been gain and able to compare between the firm that selected such as TESCO and AEON. TESCO and AEON is a huge competitive firm in retailer market and it able to contribute to economic growth in Malaysia. The SWOT analysis able to develop awareness and planning for future decision for that both firms. Besides that, it able to make TESCO and AEON make more competitive and profitable. This analysis is very effective for future studies about any firms. Moreover, the four elements able to describe the full story about the firm. In this case, it has been proved in TESCO and AEON studies using SWOT analysing. CEO of this both TESCO and AEON has did a good job in designing their strength that answerable more than half threat and weakness for their companies. Besides that, the threat and weakness have to decrease to increase the image of that firms in domestic and global

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