Swot Analysis Of Telecom Industry

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1.1 Key Account Management:
In recent decades, there has been a shift from the traditional selling, that is a transaction based buyer-seller interaction, to a relationship based selling in the business-to business market ,it is based on embedding with customers and building long term win-win relationships emerging due to advancements in technology and increased competition. Key account management is an approach to understand those customers who are strategically important to the business and building win–win long term relationships with them to achieve a common goal. Key Account Management is not a simple seller-buyer relationship but also to involve people from all aspects of one’s business and work together with key
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Indian telecom industry has gone through a high pace of market liberalization and growth since the 1990s and now has become the most competitive in the world and one of the fastest growing telecom markets. The Industry has grown over 20 times in just 10 years, from under 37 million subscribers in the year 2001 to more than 840 million subscribers in the year 2011. India has the world’s 2nd largest mobile phone user base with more than 930.12 million users as of May 2012. It has the world’s 2nd largest Internet user-base with over 300 million as of June 2015.
Telecommunication has helped in the socioeconomic development of India and has played a significant role to narrow down the rural and urban digitalization divide to some extent. It also has helped to increase the transparency in governance with the introduction of e-governance in India. The government also used modern telecommunication facilities to deliver mass education programs and other awareness for the rural folk of
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India 's mobile subscriber base was believed to cross 550 million subscribers by the end of FY-2015 from 454 million subscribers at the end of FY-2014. According to the study by GSMA smartphones are awaited to account for 2 out of every 3 mobile connections globally by 2020 making India the 4th largest smartphone market. The broadband services user base in India is anticipated to grow above 251 million connections by 2017 according to GSMA. India was highest in net mobile phone subscriptions of 13 million at the end of third quarter of 2015. The International Data Corporation (IDC) anticipate that India will overtake US as the 2nd largest smartphone market in the world by 2017 and to maintain high growth speed over the next few years as people shift to smartphones and moderately upgrade to 4G. In spite of only 5 % growth in mobile connections in 2015 overall expenditure on mobile services in India is believed to increase to US$ 21.41 billion in 2015 led by 15% growth in data services expenditure by research firm Gartner. The Indian telecom sector is expected to generate 4 million direct and indirect jobs over the next five years according to survey by Randstad India. The employment opportunities are expected to grow due to

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