Swot Analysis Of Telecom Sector

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2.1 Introduction Indian telecom sector is over 165 years old. In the year 1851 Telecommunication was first introduced in India. The first operational land lines were put down and positioned by the government near Kolkata In 1947, after India achieved independence, in order to form the Posts, Telephone and Telegraph all foreign telecommunication companies were nationalized which was governed by the ministry of communication. The Indian telecom sector was purely under the government possession until 1984, while the private sector was allowed only to manufacture the telecommunication equipments. The Indian telecommunication sector is one of the sectors which is rapidly developing in the world. Government policies and administrative structure…show more content…
India is one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world with an addition of 9- 10 million subscribers per month. In the last two decades, the mobile telephony and Indian Telecom Sector in particular has captured the imagination of India by reforming the way the people communicate, sharing the information and through its astonishing growth helped millions of people stay connected. Telecommunication services are one of the driving forces for overall economic growth of a country and are globally recognized. They are also one of the essential support services needed for quick development and renovation of various sectors of the economy. The Indian Government has recognized this fact and therefore, it has taken several major market leaders of telecommunication to provide a business friendly environment for companies in this…show more content…
The headquarters of Aircel is in Chennai, it was started in the year 1999 by Mr.C Sivasankaran. it is a joint venture where 26% stake is held by Sindhya Securities and investments and 74% stake is held by Maxis Communication . Aircel offers voice and 2G,3G and 4G data services. Aircel is the fifth largest mobile service provider in India. With the customer base of 83.05 million as of june 2015. • BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of the leading telecommunication companies in India which was funded on 1st October 2000 by the government. The headquarter of BSNL is in New Delhi. BSNL is the oldest telecommunication service provider in India. It is the largest land line telephone provider with 60% market share and the sixth largest mobile service provider and it has 93.29 million customers as of June 2015. 2.2.7 SWOT analysis of Bharti Airtel Strengths 1. Airtel is the largest cellular service provider in India, 2. IT is the largest Telecom operator in the world. 3. Only Indian operator, with VSNL, that has an international submarine cable. 4. it has a high brand

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