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1. Collect the Mission and Vision Statements of any 3 Companies which are from the same Industry. (A short description of company’s profile should be given). Find the similarities. The three companies from the transportation companies that have been analyzed briefly are Range over, Porche and Mercedes-Benz.
• Range over:
Mission: The Dilawri Group of Companies is committed to offering world class products and customer service that builds a lifetime customer- client relationship.
Vision: The Dilawri Group of Companies strives to deliver complete customer satisfaction in all areas of business through their passion, continuous innovation and the development and operation of state-of-the-art automotive dealerships.
• Porsche:
Mission: Porsche
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The vision, of the company, for the future is to represent both volume and premium brands and be the number one company in terms of after sales and customer service.
• Mercedes-Benz:
Mission: Mercedes aims at delighting their customers in everything they do. They aspire to continually improve the effectiveness of their Quality Management System and the business processes. They also aim to continually improve the quality of the products and services they offer. They believe in a team-oriented and open minded corporate culture involving employees through leadership and individual acceptance of delegated responsibility.
Vision: They aim to be the Number 1 in Quality, Image and Profitability in the Automotive Sector in Indonesia.
2. How does a Vision Statement differ from a Mission
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The Vision Statement is not time bound; the Mission Statement usually has a time constraint attached to it.
The two concepts are strategically very important and very essential for making better strategic decisions. 3. What are the steps in the creation of Vision and Mission Statements?
Decide the Vision Statement in the form of a crisp, one line sentence which defines the objective of the company’s existence. This Vision Statement states the desired end state.
While creating a Vision Statement, the following should be kept in mind:
• The message should be clear and it should explain the motive, objective and purpose of the company. Usually the Vision Statements are confusing and they aren’t clear enough for the customer to understand the basic idea of the organization.
• The Vision Statement should not be confused with the Mission Statement.
• It should use easy language. Difficult language with jargons and buzz words makes it difficult to catch the tongue of the customers.
• The strengths and weaknesses of both the organization and the customers that are being

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