Swot Analysis Of The Big Bazaar

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• To achieve excellence in customer service orientation
• To reduce customer grievances and increase sales
• Align the employees with the company’s goals and values

• Employees to value and nurture customer relationship
• Use customer friendly language and be technically proficient
• Deal effectively with customer complaints and problems
• To be flexible and adaptable, to meet challenges
• Perform with honesty, integrity and due care

Big Bazaar in Bhubaneswar was opened a year back to take forward its motto of “Naye India Ka Bazaar.” Initially, the store made profits due to a good customer base. But very soon, customer purchases were replaced with customer grievances. Mr. Narayanan Murali, the
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Big Bazaar is headquartered in Mumbai with 36000 employees and located in more than 90 Indian cities. The company’s core philosophy is service and considering the people as its most important resources through their “The Big Bazaar People Management System”. Training and Development forms one of the core aspects of this system. Future Group has its own training division for employees- “Future Learning and Development Limited(FLDL)”. All employees are given training for 20 days in a year. Gurukul , a part of FLDL focuses on skill development in the field of teamwork, dedication, customer service etc. But since a couple of months Big Bazaar has been facing with certain issues which has made the management rethink its Employee Development…show more content…
Previously, when such incidents occurred, the store manager warned the staff. Also, he reprimanded them. This kind of careless behavior has been a common scenario at the store. A few times, the customers have complained about the grocery items being missing from their place and kept at some other corner. This results in wastage of time and irritated customers. Last week, few chips packets were found from pulses counter. Considering stores like Big Bazaar having customer’s everyday, such incidents bring disgrace to the brand name as well.

The HR Department has also noticed that the store manager is very lenient with the staff. Also, he is unable to manage all the floors of the megastore by himself. Usually, he misses something or the other due to acute customer pressure and by managing more than 100 staff members. All these incidents have led to a customer base that is agitated and angry with big bazaar. Such incidents in one store of Big Bazaar discourages customers to visit other branches as well. Many consumer complaints online, bad customer feedback and angry customers have made the management think so as to control the situation.

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