Swot Analysis Of The Body Shop

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The brand Founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick Cosmetics shop 2500 stores in 61 countries Since 2006 The Body Shop has been a part of the cosmetics company L 'Oreal The company operates in the beauty sector, selling cosmetics that are based on natural ingredients. In the past decades the company 's values have expanded and now address several other issues of sustainability. The Body Shop 's values are to be against animal testing, to support community Fair Trade, to activate self-esteem, to defend human rights, and to protect our planet SWOT Analysis : STRENGTHS The brand itself Being part of the L’Oréal group Leading player in a niche market High brand loyalty Innovative products Good quality and services department WEAKNESSES Loss of trust from different stakeholders Small number of stores in UK Problems in franchise system Many products are in the mature or declining stage No marketing or advertising OPPORTUNITIES Metrosexual factor Crisis Increased awareness of materials organic and eco-friendly product Increasing number of online Ageing population adhere to ecological standards Ban of sale of animal tested THREATS Chemical legislation Unstable supplies of raw Legislation banning animal product tested products Strong competition buyers Suppliers are not required to No environmental certification products. Strengths • Brand (name, image, ethic natural ingredients) • Experience, financial ... expertise of L’Oreal • Body Shop targets a niche market. By

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