Swot Analysis Of Tiong Thong Malaysia

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Industry Analysis See Hup Malaysia face intense competition in logistic business with main competitor which is Tiong Nam Malaysia. Both of the companies have significantly dominated whereby these two logistic companies had strong competition among each other. The competitor which is Tiong Nam Malaysia has invested heavily in IT infrastructure, along with sophisticated handling facilities and equipment for the Distribution Centre in Shah Alam. Thus, the competitive rivalry in the logistic industry is strong. See Hup Malaysia has built a strong image among their respective consumers since they are the first lorry carrying cargo within Butterworth town and the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia. After that, the company expanded and diversified into other logistics related business. The company specialise in warehousing, machinery hiring and inland transportation. The company recognition is hard for the new entrants whereby they have to make known of their respective services to the potential customers and face difficulties in promoting as well as advertising their services. See Hup Group has definitely achieved great economies of scale in logistic industry in Malaysia. See Hup Group had numbers of subsidiaries which there are transportation service division, freight forwarding division, machinery hire and cargo handling division, and property division. It has strengthened its market position through the acquisition of the entire equity stake. Therefore, the threat of new

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