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It is a Southeast Asian country which occupies the Malaysian Peninsula and also a part of island Borneo. It is well known for its beaches, rainforests and a blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European power. The extensive capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to royall buildings, eventful shopping districts - Bukit Bintang an, skyscrapers including the iconic, 451m-tall Petronas Twin Towers.
Capital- kuala lumpur
Currency- Malaysian ringgit
Language- Malaysian
Malaysias tourism industry is one of the revenue supplier to the service sector and has potential in increasing contribution to Malaysia economic growth.
Tourism is a very major source of income for Malaysia. Malaysia has more attractive holiday destinations in the world.
, Malaysia
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The marketing mix consist of 7p’s-product,price,promotion,people,place,physical evidence,process.

product in the case of Malaysia, the product is the country itself, . the product is the blend of tangible and intangible factor.
In this case, the tourism product is the destination, and it can only be experienced.
The outlook of the spot voyage to the goal, the tourist product consist of the accommodation ,facility and all the entertainment which is at the destination.
Therefore, it is a complex product blend of enticement, facilities, and haulage.
. The above mentioned components has its own meaning in the product mix and if any of the component is absent, the product mix is incomplete.
Pricing is a n important factor, pricing in the field of tourism is a crucial process. Pricing can be on some of the services like hotels,railways, bus, airticket etc. this is included in the tourism package.
Pricing can vary according to the geographic location of the destination ,it can be more or
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E.g. when the Air price changes in seasonds then the tourism package also changes, or if the Hotel charges change due to seasons, then tourism package also changes. seasonality reason and changing demand cannot be rejected. The main purpose of pricing in any filed is to obtain a good amount of target market share, put off competition, and to take precision of the price (eod) elasticicty of demand.
Various distribution policies can be used for tourism marketing.
In this case the tourism being a product is being shared as a travel. the internet facility is used frequently. there is a mediator who has been allotted all over the town who is responsible for playing the role of place.
As the tourism dealer doesn’t have sufficient choices of the tourist places this is due to the reason that most of the tourist destination may be the natural place, historical buildings, attraction, etc.
Some of the factors like communication, transport facility, infrastructure, building are very important in development of the tourist focus.
The important decision the tourism dealer has to take regarding the distribution is connected to the path of option and path

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