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Vision of Toyota Company is very clear that the production system lies in the central of its commercial philosophy and has equally emphasized in its settled or authorized dealers more than170 nations and 51 local bases in 26 countries throughout the world. Its vision is: “Delight our customers through innovative products, by utilizing advanced technologies and services, ensure growth to become a major player in the Indian auto industry and contribute to the Indian economy by involving all stakeholders, become the most admired and respected company in India by following the Toyota Way and be a core company in global Toyota operations.” (Toyota Bharat, 2014-15) 3. Establishment in India: Toyota Motor Company established in 1937 in Aichi, Japan.…show more content…
In below given appendix 1, it shows total net revenue earned for the end of march 2007 from different regions by Toyota where the North America has earned more revenue compared to others with total 8,771,495 yen. In contrast, Asia and others region has earned low net income from sales. Likewise, in appendix 2, The table illustrates a Toyota’s vehicle manufacture and sales by region for the year 2003 to 2012.There was a huge production in 2012 compared to rest years, whereas 2003, Toyota has manufactured less number of automobiles. Considering on sales as like production, it has the highest number of vehicle sales in 2012 and a lower limit on 2003.There was constant increments on both output and sale from the year 2003 to 2012. 6. 4p’s marketing mix The marketing mix of Toyota discusses the product marketing mix of automobiles from the house of Toyota. The 4p’s of Toyota are as follows. Product: Toyota products is well standardize product in the marketplace and its current products in India is Innova, Corolla Altis, artist in each of the products they are providing good features, reliability and upgrading to gain more loyal customer and providing more satisfaction. PRICE: Toyota has differentiated their prices from the conventional pricing set up with many of the other automobiles. Nevertheless, it is their effectiveness in focusing consumers ' needs and desires that drive them to the…show more content…
Physical Distribution/ Place: The place is another important element to keep focus very careful. Toyota is Well Established and renowned in all over the world. Toyota has approximately 275 dealers in India. It is a part of the marketing strategy which they want to keep close to customers and try to overcome the distance between them and customers, also try to make product more conveniently available for customers. Promotion: Promotion is the next most important element of the marketing mix without this element marketing mix may never completed not only this the business can affected just because of this arena. Toyota also Taking advantage through the advancement of technology in which, they advertise via emails, web banners on famous and luxurious sites of an internet, etc.. The commercials, mainly target at Indian youth and young executives 7. SWOT

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