Swot Analysis Of Toyota

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Toyota Motor Corporation is an automobile maker based in Japan that was created in 1933. They sell vehicles in more than 170 countries worldwide under the names of Toyota and Lexus (Value Line Report). In addition to the gas automobiles they sell, Toyota has began to focus its attention to hybrid cars such as the Prius and Crown (Value Line Report).
With more short term appeal and a solid outlook for the future, I choose Toyota over its competitors in the automobile market which include General Motors, Ford, and Tesla. One reason for the decision to select Toyota was its current financial strength. Value Line gave the company an A, while the other three companies could not muster a score higher than a B++ (Value Line Report). In addition, Toyota’s stock price stability is 85, and none of the three other competitors even surpassed 65 (Value Line Report). Clearly, Toyota is the superior selection for the short term based on the information. And while Value Line had stronger praise for companies such as General Motors and Ford over time, they still note that they project Toyota’s sales per ADR to increase from 181.00 to 200.70 from 2018 to 2021-2023 and its earnings per ADR to increase from 12.85 to 14.30 over the same time frame (Value Line). Clearly, even though the analysts heap praise upon the long term outlook for Ford and General Motors, Value Line still sees Toyota improving over the next five years. Couple that with by far the best stability and current success out of

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