Swot Analysis Of Toyota

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Toyota was established through Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937, It held a spinoff of his father’s company to produce automobiles. Inn 1934 a division of Toyota manufacture built its first Type A engine, including its first passenger car, which was called as Toyota AA. Toyota motor corporations built five brands of vehicle including Toyota brand, Hino, Ranz, Lexus and Daihatsu. During 1960 and 70s the company started expanding rapidly and started exporting enormous numbers of vehicles to foreign markets. The company received its existing name in 1962, while Toyota motor company and Toyota motor sales company merged together, Toyota launched its logo in 1989 and produced an appearance on the Toyota celsior and it gained global attention. The intertwining of the perpendicular inside the long oval in the logo expresses a reciprocal relationship with its customer and the company, and the longer oval expresses international extension of its technology and infinite potential proceeding the future. In 2016 Toyota was the world’s biggest automotive production and also, in 2012 Toyota was the world’s first automobile manufacturers to produce higher than 10 million automobiles per year and continues doing it regularly since. Functionalities of Toyota:
a) Market segmentation access: Toyota maintained a huge level of exposure within the market, as it was improving by a market focus strategy that allowed the company to create more compact automobiles plus services. This primarily encouraged
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