Swot Analysis Of Trader Joe's

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TRADER JOE’S – INDUVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT 1 Part 1 – Introduction What Joe Coulombe did was opening an ordinary supermarket into the industry but the strategies he took were separating the Trader Joe’s from its rivals. What he did was to offer products targeting sophisticated costumers who were searching for good bargains. The offerings of Trader Joe’s were so unique which are not found at rival shelfs. Another crucial decision he made was to take advantage of recent environmental movements such as the rising trend of costumers searching organic foods. The company also decided on selling private labelled products with lower prices than other brands of the same product. Moreover, he also decided to sell nonfood items such as music albums. Coulombe …show more content…

Wal-Mart has been experimenting in smaller places rather than usual big cities. Wal-Mart proclaimed that they are planning to open %40 of their store openings over next years with small store formats. The SWOT analysis indicates us relevant information about the current threats of Trader Joe’s. The threat analysis indicates that there is huge rivalry in the market, having no technology and substitute companies creates big threat. The substitute threat and brand name items are concern for Trader Joe’s and competitive advantage. Brand loyalty is a concern of other competitors but Trader Joe’s. Having no brand products can become a strategic …show more content…

The happiness of staff helps create loyal and hardworking employees and this is very hard to build for many communities. The culture of Trader Joe’s is unique in terms of organization. The Culture of happiness is a key and at the same time an evidence of sustainable success. But as the community gets bigger and bigger it may be challenging to sustain it in the future. 4 - How would you modify Trader Joe’s strategy going forward? In my opinion, one of the concerns of mine about Trader Joe’s is to eventually gat harm because of not having enough technology inside the company. As technology improve each day, it creates a simple world than before. The technology eases our life and so it should do the same to Trader Joe’s in terms of some operational activities. Self-checkout kiosks vanish endless queues and speed ups the process of shopping both for costumer side and seller side. Considering using more technology inside Trader Joe’s would also speed up business inside Trader Joe’s. 5 – Conclusion This paper has revealed the most powerful and weak spots of Trader Joe’s. Supermarket industry is currently alive and competition between firms are very contentious. Some markets choose to provide the lowest cost possible to their costumers and some of them choose to sell spatialized products to their customers. The SWOT analysis provided useful clues about the future of

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