Swot Analysis Of Tropika Juice

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Clover is South Africa’s leading company in the milk category and is best known for its variety of milk products, beverages and non-beverage products that have quality. This company was established in 1898 and since then, it has become a great success with the mass of different products it produces. Tropika fruit juice is one the beverages produced by Clover and Tropika is made of a combination of milk and fruit juice which result in a unique smooth tasting beverage. Tropika is leading in the dairy fruit mix category and is the best-selling fruit juice beverage in South Africa. TARGET MARKET Tropika juice has a range of different delicious flavours which appeal to different age groups. Tropika Eazy pouch 200ml is ideal for the consumption by the entire family ,however it is primarily targeted at mothers with children. This product is specially made for kids to enjoy the smooth dairy fruit mix anytime. DEMOGRAPHICS- kids aged 8-13 -primary focus: young children and pre-teens. -secondary focus: mothers for take- home purchase. -male or female SOCIOGRAPHIC- middle to upper class -education: preschool to primary school -medium to high income PSYCHOGRAPHIC- Active children - quench thirst or give energy boost - children who love sweet smooth taste of a dairy mix fruit juice. GEOGRAPHIC – warm climate - mostly in urban areas - marketed

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