Swot Analysis Of Tyre

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Introduction The tyre has a different job to do, they must be strong, durable, able to grip the road and to run in different weather conditions and providing a comfortable ride. A tyre manufacturing process need a good mixture of raw materials which are combined by chemicals and the combination physics and engineering to give the customer high satisfaction, comfort, performance, efficiency, reliability and safety. The tyres are customized according to the needs of different types of vehicles. The tyre needed for a Sports car is not perfect for passenger cars. So tyres are made according to the different specification of the vehicle. The tyres are the most important part of the vehicle otherwise we cannot move forward our vehicle. The "BLACK ROUND SHAPE" rubber that every vehicles had is the important, so the design and quality of the tyre is important. Company Profile Apollo tyre is the world 's 17th largest tyre manufacture and the leading tyre manufacturing company n India. Its headquarters in Gurgaon, India and they started selling tyres from 1972. Their first plant was in Thrissur, Kerala. Over the years, the company has establishing its footprint across the globe. In 2009 Apollo acquired VREDESTEIN BANDEN B V and the German company REIFENCOM on 2015. The company has manufacturing units in Asia, Europe and Africa. The company offered various Tyre products range from Bicycles, passenger vehicle, trucks to Off- road tyres. Raw materials for the Tyre process Rubber

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