Swot Analysis Of Uber

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Uber is a private taxi company that first started in San Francisco in 2009 but currently have operations in over 100 cities worldwide including London and is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. Uber works as an intermediary to connect citizens with drivers who partner with Uber to chauffeur them to any destination within the borders of the city. The company uses an application available on all smartphone operating systems to connect customers with drivers and therefore becomes a trendy and convenient way for the current urban population. Entrepreneur drivers partner up with Uber using their own cars to become an Uber driver in order to get customers who use the Uber application, while Uber takes out around 10 to 20% of the profit from each trip as commission. In return, because Uber drivers have a variety of cars, Uber offers customers a huge range of services available. Uber can be described as a branded consumer service because it has stood out from the rest of its peers in the market with successful branding and innovative approaches. Furthermore, Uber’s list of varied services cater to a much larger market from those who want it economical to those looking to travel in high end comfort. More key facts that will be elaborated in this essay will be focusing on Uber’s business strategy, innovation in the market, and its competitive nature.

The London Taxi Market has a few main producers such as Uber, Addison Lee, Hailo, Kabbee and Black Cabs, so the

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