Swot Analysis Of Unilever

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3.1 Value Proposition: Unilever is the corporation that produces wide variety of products such as Axe deodorant, Vaseline, Surf detergent, and Lipton tea, among many other products used every day. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) value proposition as follows: “Targeting any person who is willing to pay a higher than ordinary transportation and search cost in order to buy quality goods to the lowest price”. This is India 's largest FMCG sector company which provides all type of household products. It has Home & Personal Care products. It also has food and Water Purifier available with it. HUL provides customer friendly products with low cost without compromising on the quality of the product. The company focuses upon the value of execution, it targets different market segments for different customers for example Pond 's Age Miracle and dove shampoo in skin and hair care. Apart from that HUL introduced Project Shakti to penetrate the rural market. It has positioned itself as strongly in FMCG market. In 2005, Eureka Forbes and HUL entered the storage water purifier market almost at the same time. At that time HUL decided to first test-launch its product in Tamil Nadu while Eureka Forbes decided to go for pan-India. HUL decided to replicate its FMCG strategy in its water purifier business. For doing that it decided to straddle the water purification pyramid completely in terms of especially pricing and products in the home water drinking segment. Having entered into the premium

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