Swot Analysis Of Vadilal Ice Cream

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The story of Vadilal starts from a Soda Fountain outlet opened in Ahmedabad in 1926. As time passed, it has become famous for its wide variety of flavored Ice-creams. Vadilal has evolved with new flavors and varieties to create delicacies enjoyed by many .Because of which Today, Vadilal has the widest range of ice creams in the whole country with fifty plus flavors available in more than 250 packs and forms. The range includes Cups, Cones, Family packs and Economy packs. Vadilal is offers a huge range of Frozen Desserts, Premium & Super Premium Ice Creams.

Vadilal is a well-established company in the India it’s known for its delicious flavored Ice-creams and frozen desserts. As a part of the
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For which the main reason the company has been formed. On the whole marketing mix is the set of tools that the company uses in order to fulfil its objectives. And vadilal strictly follows the four basic tools of marketing mix that are product, price, place, promotion.



• Vadilal ice cream as the name itself indicates it’s a non-durable and perishable item, as it cannot stay for long time and maintain its natural state. It has variety of flavours to offer from its huge collection of frozen desserts. And the taste it has maintained is also a huge plus point for it.


• Vadilal has positioned its product in such a manner that they are being mostly preferred by its consumers. They further try to fulfil the needs of their consumers, hence they constantly try to satisfy their customers in order to retain a good brand image.

• Flavours/ tastes: vadilal has the widest range of frozen desserts in the country with a variety of 90 plus flavours. To satisfy the needs of their large customer base

• Aroma all the ice creams produced has a good aroma in it which is assessed by its customer

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