Swot Analysis Of Vans

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University MM 4772 Product Management Presentation 2 – Written Report Decline Stage Program Code: 45087 LAU Yun Lung 13029542D LIU Kai Hei 13028941D LO Kit Chung 13029245D SIE Karen 13089094D Wan Ho Fung, Joseph 13029077D Yu Kwan Ching 13029146D Executive Summary Converse Chuck Taylors’ series used five types of strategy. For fashion strategy, Chuck use deep and narrow product line approach with unique selling proposition of simple design and ownership of old-school essence. For performance strategy, Chuck promotes itself on comfort, style, function and trend. For advertising strategy, Chuck has effort on advertisements, but they are not well-noticed. For place-channel strategy,…show more content…
They are teenagers and young adult with high buying power and trendy. They have same target group of customers with Converse. That’s why they are Converse’s main competitors. Besides, distribution of New Balance customers spreads more evenly. Vans, same as Converse - a canvas shoes manufacturer, have a declining sale with increasing age. It shows adults’ acceptance towards canvas shoes is low. Product Vans uses divisibility of design and offers customers to make their own shoes. However, shoes bottom is flat. Customers are easy to be tired after wearing for a long time. Price As cost of fabric material is low, selling price of Vans can position in a relatively low price (about $300-400HKD). The cost is set to be affordable by teenagers and young adult. Place Channel is focused on wholesalers and promotion counter in department stores such as Gigasports and WingOn. Promotion Vans promotes in cleap channel such as books, magazines and online media. They are youngsters’ channel. Besides, Vans integrates itself with arts and skateboard culture. They hold some arts show to strengthen image on sports.…show more content…
It shows Converse revenue has a tendency to decrease. So, Converse is defined that it is in decline stage. 3M Gore-Tex It is a membrane bonded to outer fabric. It is made by hi-tech material. Its benefit is to separate lining inside to improve comfortability and versatility. This fabric can combine with insulation such as keeping dry and warm. Nano-water resistant It is a technology to apply a liquid repellent substance. It is fluorocarbon molecules coating that is conformal, light and has high breathability. Ross Nanotechnology’s NeverWet superhydrophobic coating ` It is a technology to coat a hydrophobic layer on cloth. It can effectively reduce contact surface between clothes and water. To compare with other common technologies, this type of technology has a much higher hydrophobicity. Dust resistant technology Dust and dirt are ubiquitous in the field and have a way of invading the exposed areas of cloth, potentially slowing key functions and damaging
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