Swot Analysis Of Virgin Australia

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Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia Airlines is Australia’s second largest airlines as well as the largest by fleet size to use the Virgin brand. The airline was co-founded by British businessman Richard Branson, the founder of parent Virgin Group and Former Virgin Blue CEO Brett Godfrey.It was established in 2000 with two aircraft operating on a single route. The airline has grown to directly serve 29 cities in Australia from hubs in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, using a fleet of narrow-body Boeing and Embrae, and Airbus and Boeing wide body jets.
Virgin Australia was launched as Virgin Blue in August 2000, with two Boeing 737-400 aircraft, one leased from then sister airline Virgin Express. Initially
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The Virgin Australia has strong brand value and image in business world because of its innovative ideas and creative thinking. The Virgin Australia operates a rapidly growing fleet primarily consists of Boeings and Airbuses. The low average fleet age helps the company to reduce maintenance cost of the aircrafts.
The Virgin Australia provide cheap flights to major destinations, superior service quality, innovativeness, good flying records, punctuality and strong brand image are some of the key success factors of Virgin Australia.
At Virgin Australia, the company is highly committed to creating a highly engaged and achievement orientated workforce where Virgin Australia’s vision, values and company’s customer focus drive everything we do.
Virgin Australia believe every customer and person are important so that every person we come into contact with; our guests, our customers or our colleagues will feel more or less engaged with Virgin Australia based on the interactions company have with them
Key success factor in organization
Virgin Australia’s customers are at the heart of everything company do. The Virgin Australia is passionate about creating an outstanding flying experience so customer gets maximum satisfaction. The company deliver consistently high service internally and
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Virgin Australia’s has a decentralised system. There is a free flow of communication. Therefore, problems arising within the organisation gets their solution comeing from within the organisation somewhere. In fact, the employees are provided with the authority to make unsupervised decisions based on their intuition rather than following a chain of command. This leads to the employees having more confidence in them and in the management. Interaction among all the levels of the hierarchy is spontaneous, so it increases effective communication. John Borghetti the CEO of Virgin Australia, himself personally interacts with employees on a regular basis discussing ideas and receiving feedback. Virgin Australia promotes self-sufficiency and effective communication within the organisation and believes that the employees are the backbone of the company. Hence they have been given enough involvement and authority in decision making. Since Virgin Australia comprise of many different departments, it is also necessary to have organizational bureaucracy in it. But, since Sir Richard Branson has always ensured minimum bureaucracy as much possible since the beginning of the business. So, Virgin group and so thus Virgin Australia has a formal structure but only limited to the top levels of the company and changes to informal as climbing down the

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