Swot Analysis Of Volkswagen

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Volkswagen reached their maximum output in 2015 with vehicles sales totalling over 10 million globally. Clever advertisement proves to be a global success story. Worldwide global recognition for its reliability due to high standards of engineering and quality control. The success of the beetle allows VW to acquire Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini and etc. to its portfolio. By acquiring these well-known brands it increase VW status in the Automobile industry. One of the largest most valuable companies Volkswagen sustainability report (sustainability report 2013. Volkswagen) Volkswagen group the most successful, fascinating and sustainable automaker in the world. Leader in customer satisfaction and quality Top employer Group return on sales before tax 8% Unit sales of 10million sales Economy – Growth, earnings and innovations People – Employment, qualification and responsibility Environment – environmental pollution, c02 reduction, resource conservation Economy – stability, growth, leadership, electric, efficiency, natural gas, hybrid Success in emerging markets • 5% increase in sales • 10.2 billion investment in research and development People – The best qualification for all the people Society – for a sustainable and viable society worldwide • 4.2% employee growth • 17703 apprentices worldwide • Environment – 25% more resources • Efficiency and less C02 by 2018 ( renewable energy and environmental protection ) • 12.5% Reduction of environmental impact of carbon-footprint

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