Swot Analysis Of Wifi

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B) Grill’z kitchen SWOT analysis

Strengths - GK
i) Strong wifi
The first strengths of GK is the WI-FI connection is strong. Nowadays, the technology is getting high tech, almost everyone own a smartphones, the world now is not same as before, everyone are more likely to take picture of the food before they start eating their meal. So, Wifi is a MUST for everyone in order to attract more customers so that customers can surf internet or use social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp and many more by connecting their wifi while waiting for foods. The strong wifi connection gave customers a very good image because wifi had became a really important thing in most of people daily lifeThe reason to have a stronger Wi-Fi is to provide more faster and
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This is basically well planned for students that don’t have the ability to earn money yet to enjoy a discount. Furthermore, GK trained their staffs to provide a good services to their consumer. First, the waiters of GK will give the customers to have a look on their menu meanwhile they will still wait for the customers to decide what food should they order.

v) More choices (non-halal)
In addition, GK also provides non-halal food to the pork lovers! As in Malaysia, it is hard to get a non-halal food license but GK does provide it to their pork-loving consumers. Furthermore, GK has 2 outlet branches in Sabah which is at Citymall and Kobusak area. I would say that GK has a really strategic location because the 2 outlets were located in a crowded area. As an example, Citymall GK is located in a shopping mall which can serves food to their shopaholic consumers which Rainfield GK is located to a housing area which serves food to the housing residents of
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The reason of opening franchise is to let more people to enjoy their meals and earn more money in other area or country. Grill’z kitchen can try to expand their business by provide delivery services to customers, being the first mover of the delivery service in western food industry can give GK competitive advantage over all the competitors. Some people are just too lazy too drive or some people even don’t have a driving license. iii) Add more choices in the menu
Add more choices to the menu also an opportunity to Grillz Kitchen. They can design more on different style of dishes to attract the customer to go to their shop. Grillz Kitchen also can offer catering service to people who want to celebrate any event at their shop. They can launch few packages to let the customer choose whether which package they want. iv) Provide entertainment area
Grill Kitchen can consider to provide entertainment areas such as TV or dart machine. For example, they can make a bar station to the customer to drink some alcohol there. The customer can chilling and chit-chatting with friends at there .Besides that, they can buy few darts machine to put it in their shop so that the customer can go play few games while waiting for the food to be

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