Swot Analysis Of Wonderful Pistachios

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adopted by their target audience because they’re backed up by Havas which has a good reputation of successful campaigns for brands aimed at the Hispanic community.
Industry Analysis: Wonderful Pistachios is part of the snack food industry. The Los-Angeles based company has more than US$4 billion in annual sales.
SWOT: The strengths of this company are that they are a leading brand and already had good revenue before the campaign took place (there is customer loyalty). The production quality is high and outshines other pistachio nut distributers/growers.
Weaknesses for the snack food company are that there are always going to be people who are slow to adopt into the healthy food trend. Another weakness would be lack of differentiation from competitors, (All pistachios pretty
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Slogan: “Get Crackin’”
Key messages: Included messages in articles such as, “Snacks that will complement your workout routine” and brought up Wonderful Pistachios.
Actions and Events: Wonderful Pistachios had events that involved lots of people, like the Copa Centenario Event. There were celebrities, such as Borgetti. (Offline) There were also online facebook videos with Laura Posada
Controlled Media: The Wonderful Pistachios’ website and social media accounts would be considered as controlled media. Uncontrolled Media: Uncontrolled Media would be the feedback that the company receives through social media. Another uncontrolled media would be the information given from the bloggers that talk about their product because the company is unaware of what they are going to say.
Effective Communication Principles:
1) Source Credibility- Laura Posada made several facebook live sessions, showing the consumers how to incorporate Wonderful Pistachios into their daily diet. This gives credibility, due to the fact that Posada is a certified master life coach and motivational

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