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Yahoo's business spans across three service lines: display, search and other.
Display advertising services line is engaged in display of graphical and non-graphical advertisements. Guaranteed or premium display advertising is delivered according to advertisers' specified criteria, such as number of impressions during a fixed period on a specific placement. Also, the company offers non-guaranteed or non-premium display advertising by delivering advertisements for advertisers purchasing inventory on a pre-emptible basis. Display advertising services are offered on Yahoo properties and affiliate sites as impressions. Impressions are delivered when a sold advertisement appears in pages viewed by users. The company also offers display advertising
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Mayer has been the Chief Executive Officer and President at Yahoo since 2012. Prior to joining Yahoo, she served as the Vice President of Local, Maps and Location Services at Google. During her 13 years at Google, Ms. Mayer held several roles including Designer, Engineer, Product Manager, and Executive. Before Google, Ms. Mayer worked at the UBS Research Lab in Zurich, Switzerland and at SRI International in Menlo Park, California.
To develop engaging products that delight and inspire by focusing on the things that yahoo has always been great at.

Rationale for change in culture
1. Many analysts felt the organizational culture prevalent at Yahoo was one of the major reasons for its failure to compete effectively with its rivals.
2. Yahoo was unable to come up with appealing new products for its consumers in areas like social networking and was lagging in other key growth areas like mobile internet.
3. Mayer expected employees to work harder and faster to tackle the task at hand.
4. She expected faster execution for new product ideas. She believed this will help Yahoo.com to tackle competition from Google, Facebook, Twitter,
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got a new captain in Marissa Mayer who got appointed as President and CEO of the company. As soon as she took over as the CEO, Marissa started to focus on changing the culture at Yahoo as a major strategy to turn around the company and make it competitive again.
"The human element is central to bringing Yahoo back to its one-time spot as a top consumer Internet company. My goals are simple: To execute faster, hire top talent, and make Yahoo the absolute best place to work".
- Marissa Ann Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, Inc. in October 2012

1. Process, Bureaucracy, and Jams (PB&J): The new initiative, one of the many she planned since she had joined Yahoo, was aimed to remove the bureaucratic culture prevalent in the company. This initiative encouraged the employees to give their suggestions on improving the work environment at Yahoo. Ideas and suggestions given by the employees were to be ranked by the other employees in the organization and the best of them would be implemented by the
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