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Yepme is India’s biggest online shopping website that offers men’s and women 's outfits and accessories. This website delivers nearly 500,000 units to its customer over 1000 cities per month. Vivek Gaur, Sandeep Sharma and Anand Jadhav. Gaur, the former students of Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management launched this website in April 2011. Headquarter located in Haryana, India. Mission of Yepme is to democratize fashion in India. Yepme positioned itself as a fully-fledged private label fashion brand in 2011.
Eight Key Elements of Business Model
1. Value Proposition

Value proposition is the company’s distinctive services or product, which is different from others. Value proposition clearly identifies that what unique benefits a purchaser will get by purchasing a specific product or service from a specific seller. It distinguishes the company’s product or services from other companies. Customization, convenient, personalization, delivery charges and ease in searching are the components of value proposition. Yepme offers its customers to use many regional languages to complete their order to make the shopping easy. Besides English and Hindi, customers can shop in languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. There are some more features which give strength to the firm includes High variety of goods, Superior purchasing experience, and On-time delivery of products and Fast resolution of queries.
Yepme also launched the mobile app, through

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