Swot Analysis Of Zain Group

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Strategic Management of Zain Group
Question 1. In details, apply the SWOT Analysis, Pest analysis, the 7S model, Concept, and the Seven Steps of Marketing Strategy on Zain Group
Zain Group SWOT Analysis
Strength :
1- Globally competitive Benchmark rates 2- Facilities that the company offers increasing to improving the financial of Zain Group
3- Very powerful and strong trademark .
4- Stronger employee base .
5- Well maintained technological condition .
6- Trusty and stronger network .
7- proud of having professional and skilled team .
8- Enjoys a stronger brand name .

Weakness ;
1- Social and political instability in certain countries have continued to effect its success .
2- Company’s acquisition more so in areas lacking robust standards
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This is the same structure approved by the Zain Group with the sole objective of boosting their competitive advantage both locally and in the international market. Spread structures are known to growth the communication lines and large spans of control, all of which are important to business success . Systems
In the context of an organization, the system simply means the entire procedure within an organization, including financial control procedures, budgetary systems, management information systems, reward systems, and operating methods. The above-documented system can sometimes have a significant impact on not only strategy development but also implementation. Zain Group understands the significance of having the most appropriate systems. As a result, they have integrated robust systems to facilitate smooth operations.
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2- Market .
3- Organization .
4- Confrontation .
5- Marketing Strategy .
6- Marketing Mix .
7- Operational Marketing .

Question 2. Underlying Conceptual Differences between corporate strategy, business strategy, and functional strategy of Zain Group While the corporate strategy is majorly concerned with the entire field and goal of the business to satisfy the stakeholders, business strategy is majorly concerned with strategic decisions about the choice of a competitive advantage, product, and how to guarantee customer satisfaction among others. Functional strategy refers to an organizational, functional plan depend by different l areas, including production, marketing, and the human resource department .

Question 3. Ansoff Matric to determine the Attractiveness of related/ or unrelated diversification strategies of Zain Group
Market penetration :
1- Provision of basic services (Voice, Message, prepaid services)
2- Attracting more non users ( phone ) .
3- Increasing the purchasing rate .

Product development :
1- Provide high speed internet .
2- Provide 4G LTE services in mean region in the year 2014.

Market development

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