Swot Analysis On Airbus

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Background Information

Airbus is a manufacturer of some of the world greatest passenger aircraft of the world. Nearly every airliner in the world have Airbus aircraft in their fleet. Airbus first started out as a consortium in 1962. (Airbus Group, n.d) It was a joint project study by two European nations, France and Great Britain, on a 200 seater twin engine Aircraft. (Airbus Group, n.d) Five years after its creation, Germany, France and Great Britain have make an agreement on a joint production of Airbus first plane, the Airbus A300. (Airbus Group, n.d) From a consortium it changed its name and get a proper set up as a company. First it was named, Airbus Industrie, then Airbus Group. The airbus creation is all about the race to dominates the sky. It is a competition between the European and the Americans. The Americans made Boeing, which rule the sky without any heavy competition since its early inception. Airbus was the answer to Boeing dominance in the world of passenger aircraft. Airbus introduction to the world of aircraft manufacturing was not as easy as it seems. They need to fight their way inside the aircraft market by fighting with Boeing This essay will analyse Airbus, by using PESTEL and Porter’s 5 forces technique.


Political Factor

Since Airbus is a consortium, Political factor play a key role in the production of airbus. Several governments were involved in the decision making process. This in turn result in clash of culture and

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