Swot Analysis On Dairy Industry

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Dairy industry is one of the biggest industries in India. Dairy industry is among the most polluting of the food industries in regard to its large water consumption. Dairy is one of the major industries causing water pollution. Considering the increased milk demand, the dairy industry in India is expected to grow rapidly and have the waste generation and related environmental problems are also assumed increased importance. Poorly treated wastewater with high level of pollutants caused by poor design, operation or treatment systems creates major environmental problems when discharged to the surface land or water[1].

A dairy involves processing raw milk in to products such as consumer milk, cheese, butter, milk powder and ice cream, using process such as receiving of milk, pasteurization, homogenization and packing of products. The dairy industry wastewater are primarily generated from the cleaning and washing operation in the milk plant. It is estimated that about 2% of total milk processed is wasted into drain [2].Dairy wastewater are characterized by high BOD, COD, TS,SS and Oil & Grease. Due to high pollution load of dairy wastewater, the milk processing industries discharging untreated/partially treated wastewater cause serious environmental problem [2]. Moreover, the Indian government has imposed very strict rules and regulation for the effluent discharge to protect the environment (Table 1). Thus, appropriate treatment methods are required so as to meet the

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