Swot Analysis On Pillsburys

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The case is focused on the development of a profitable market for Pillsbury Cookies in Canada. General Mills Inc. was the sixth largest food product manufacturer. The company had a portfolio of top brands such as Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Progresso, Green Giant and Cheerios. It has presence in over 100 countries and sold through well-known retail stores such as Safeway, Walmart and Costco.
The company had a division in Canada known as General Mills Canada Corporation which was the second largest division in the international segment. Pillsbury dominated 85 percent of the Canadian market.
SWOT Analysis
Leader in packaged foods in Canada Substitutes such as baking cookies from scratch New consumer insights will help grow
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markets” and “what aspects of the Pillsbury baking experience resonated the most with consumers that could be leveraged for communication purposes”.

1st Research
To understand the frequency of purchase and use, desirable attributes in products and product strength and weaknesses which would help develop a consumer profile help determine the target market. The main focus of the research was to understand the differences of the U.S. and Canadian market and its consumers purchasing behavior and patterns.
2nd Research
The other research was focused on to understanding the aspects of Pillsbury baking experience which resonated the most with the consumers and can used to create the channels for communication to communicate the same with them.
Research Methodology
The study was conducted in two phases. The first research was of the usage and attitude study. The study was survey based and three types of consumers were identified for this study. Those that were users in the past 12 months, those lapsed users which had stopped using in the last 12 months and non-users those that haven’t used the product ever. A screener was used to identify potential participants based on the criteria mentioned
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These research required the researchers to observe rather that interview the participants in their household setting. The team conducted two hour, in home visits with two lapsed users and two brand champions. The mothers in the household were asked to purchase a Pillsbury cookie product ahead of time and bake it during the visits. The discovery workshop required participants to meet outside their homes. The consumer were between 18 and 27 for an active working session. There were different techniques used such as customer experience mapping and role playing.

Key Findings/Issues Interpretation/Implication Suggested Action
Scratch method is the dominant method 56 percent baked only from scratch and 33 percent bake from scratch every month Make products that required to mix the ingredients instead of just tossing in oven and baking them
The top four purchase drivers are same in both the countries Cookies were considered easy and quick to make and convenience and taste were the most important Create more convenient products that were easy to use
Both users and lapsed users perceive RBG as convenient Convenience rated high in all the studies Create more convenient products that were easy to use
Mothers practicality was most important The products had to be easy, quick, comfortable, affordable and pleasing to children Target consumers from low income to high income
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