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PART 1: Using SWOT Framework to analyze Proctor and Gamble case study First of all starting with the SOWT grid to identify the SWOT components as required by the question, following table is explaining factors would be considered strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for P&G: Strengths: • Market research department. • Employees profit-sharing program. • Moon and Stars trade mark. Opportunities: • More sales by redesigning company’s organization structure, work process and culture. • Transformation from local to global Weaknesses: • Not launching a major brand for decade • Poor innovation and executing marketing plans Threats: • Other competitors. • Loosing profitability due to maturity of the brands companies and dominators of retailers. As a matter of fact that, any organization needs strategic frameworks which help to understand its Environment. SOWT analysis tool one of the most important frameworks which stand for strengths and weaknesses as internal factors, opportunities and threats as external factors (Book1.2009.p119). This essay will analyze the four components of SWOT analysis to Proctor and Gamble. Starting with strengths and end with threats.…show more content…
They are within the organization control. Proctor and Gamble has a number of strengths, possibly one of them that is Moon and Stars a trade mark that appeared on all company products starting in the early 1860s where P&G initially foray into the branding. P&G became one of the first companies in the United States to offer a profit-sharing program for its employees. Other example of P&G strength is their market research department to study consumer preferences and behavior. Further strength for P&G Oxydol soap powder sponsored a serial radio

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